Denise Wendler
Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor
San Jose, California
  Denise Wendler's passion for yoga has taken her all over the world.
She began studying yoga in 1985, taking various styles with teachers
in California and Japan. In 1992 she took her first Iyengar class and
connected with it so strongly that it changed the course of her life.  In
1995 she began the teacher training program at the Iyengar Yoga
Institute of San Francisco, and in 1996 she started holding small
classes in her home. After graduating from the Institute, Denise set her
sights on becoming a certified Iyengar instructor. Comprehensive
training came to successful fruition after two rigorous certification
examinations in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Denise returned to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004 after
teaching in Florida for a year. Most recently her passion has taken her
to India, where she studied with the Iyengar family in February, 2005.

Denise's classes draw faithful students who appreciate her
encouraging spirit and patient instruction. She teaches classes,
workshops and retreats all over the Bay Area and works with students
of all abilities and ages. Her goal is to not only coach people to
greater physical strength and flexibility, but also to guide them toward
a focused center of self-awareness. For that is where all great journeys



Emotional Health Benefits Of Yoga

Individuals are reaping the advantages of Yoga from the day it entered the presence, and it has helped us in lots of ways.

To obtain the many benefits of yoga, all you have to do is to manage your mind and a bit of stretching workouts.

Human health is seriously benefited through regular practice of yoga.

Practicing yoga will not just use numerous physical benefits, but will also supply a person to combat versus psychological turmoil by supplying inner strength.

There are numerous aspects which reveal that yoga offers various emotional health advantages:

State of mind

One's temper is noticeably benefited through practicing of Yoga. Many people also consume supplements that make them tense. Men especially take such supplements as testosterone boosters. Spartagen XT Reviews describe such tension many users experince.

Generally by practicing Yoga and its asanas, the state of mind gets improved to a bigger level.

Yoga is an excellent way to decrease the tension and offer absolute relaxation to our brain and makes us feel light and fills our heart with favorable energy.

Stress Decrease

Yoga functions as among the very best methods of anxiety decrease.

The practice of Yoga asanas, with high concentration does cool down our mind, and takes it in to a peaceful position.

This is the position where our mind has the tendency to loose lots of concerns or discovers sufficient methods of arranging them out, eventually decreasing the stress level.


Anxiety has actually been called as one of the most common problem causing emotional disorder that increment the rush of blood leaving the body in a state of high stress for sort of unneeded factors.

But, practicing Yoga regularly can assist you to maintain the circulation of blood.

The attention and meditation associated with Yoga asanas likewise involves connections with breathing and blood flow.

Hence, the issue of concern can be significantly dealt with Yoga.


gloominess is another emotion that is well benefited by Yoga and its asanas.

There are different approaches to deal with the issue of anxiety, however absolutely nothing can match with the performance of Yoga.

Individuals have actually experienced and it is shown that a person of the most useful and finest ways of coming out of the anxiety state is through yoga.

Self acceptance

Yoga embarks self approval which is termed out to be huge advantage to the mankind.

Many a times it is difficult for us to comprehend and accept our selves.

Yoga assists us in this excellent work.

There time of meditation under Yoga Practicing makes us realize what we are, and consequently helps us in accepting our certainty.

Self Control

Control over one self are considerably improved through Yoga.

sentiments and feelings for any person are hard to manage.

Our feelings act in action according to the situation, however we should discover how to control these feelings.

Yoga helps to achieve this control.

It makes us conscious of the various sort of circumstances and teaches us the method to control them.

Mind Body Connection

Apart from the above mentioned psychological health benefits of Yoga, mind body connection is likewise one of the major advantages.

As we understand that concentration and deep meditation are the two main assistances of Yoga.

So, we can link our body and mind through the numerous asanas in Yoga.

Entering into a reflection can work wonders.

Positive outlook of life

Variety of a times we are not able to translucent the other side of things.

Typically, individuals decide to think in different unfavorable things.

However, Yoga can totally alter our outlook.

It can assist us to vision life through a favorable medium.

The steps associated with the meditation makings possible deep thinking can take us to the favorable side of Life.


Hostility is also handled through practicing of Yoga or Yogasana.

These states make a human refuse or reject him or herself.

The sensation of hatred can be significantly reduced through Yoga.


Attention is also greatly benefited through Yoga.

But, you need to practice it regularly.


Aside for enhancing concentration, Yoga can also improve our memory.

Yoga can invigorate our mind, which can improve our memorizing power.


Yoga permits keeping sharp and paying attention concentration thus making us more attentive.

Once again through regular practice and deep mediation, we get more attentive.

Social abilities

Yoga likewise helps us in being modest and thoughtful as we stay in a tranquil state of mind all the time.

And, it clearly draws in honor.


Our mind stays in a status of peace and in guaranteed coolness through regular practice.

So, it likewise assists us to remain peaceful and well positioned.